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ETA: 6 Weeks.
Model: DHI-NVR5208-EI

The DHI-NVR5208-EI is part of Dahua Technology's WizSense series, characterized by its integration of an independent AI chip and deep learning algorithms to prioritize accurate human and vehicle detection. The NVR5000-EI series offers robust performance, making it suitable for IP video surveillance applications. Featuring a potent processor, high access and forwarding bandwidth, and strong decoding capabilities, this NVR ensures smooth streaming. With its built-in AI chip and advanced deep learning algorithms, it supports various AI functions like precise face recognition and perimeter protection, facilitating quick event response and interactive video experiences. This NVR is compatible with third-party devices, making it suitable for surveillance systems working with Video Management Software (VMS).

Key functionalities include AcuPick, an advanced search technology that leverages both front-end and back-end intelligence for accurate target identification in extensive video data. The NVR employs Perimeter Protection to eliminate false alarms due to factors like animals or bright lights, enhancing alarm accuracy. Face Detection utilizes deep learning algorithms to detect, track, optimize, and capture human faces, producing the best face snapshot. The NVR supports various decoding formats including Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG, and offers high bandwidth capabilities. It includes AI features for both the recorder and cameras, such as face recognition, perimeter protection, heat mapping, and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition). Dahua's Smart Motion Detection (SMD) technology categorizes motion-triggered targets, filtering non-concerned triggers for efficient and accurate alarms. The NVR5208-EI exemplifies Dahua's commitment to delivering intelligent and comprehensive AI-driven surveillance solutions.

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