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Model: DHI-NVR2104HS-I
Model: DHI-NVR2108HS-I

Welcome to the 4IR. If you are looking to assemble a highly intelligent surveillance solution, one that will watch over your home and ensure you get notified only when there is an actual event, then these NVRs are where you begin.

Your system will be able to accurately identify Human and vehicle targets from footage ensuring you get a negligible amount of false alarms or none. The NVRs Deep Learning Algorithms allow the system to function in a variety of ways when used with Normal cameras; 1 channel can be configured for facial recognition prior to which the system can then be configured to send out notifications upon detection of a strange face; Or 2 channels can be setup for perimeter protection allowing for accurate notifications on intrusion of either human beings or vehicles into the protected area; and finally 4 channels can be setup for Smart Motion Detection (SMD) which is orders of magnitude more accurate then traditional motion detection functionality (It ignores moving leaves, flying bugs, rain and flashing lights).

To enable AI functionality for all channels and make the best use of this most capable device we recommend it be paired with AI capable cameras.  


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