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Mission : Simplifying Security System Installation Process and Slashing the Cost

Installing state of the art Electronic Security System can be and has typically been a very expensive endeavor for the end user with the consequence that most people have had to make do with basic or rudimentary systems that probably don't even deserve to be catagorised as such. In our experince, we are engineers and integrators, the costs are largely a result of consultant "design" fees and unreasonable markups by integrators and their suppliers. The Angel founders felt this needed to change and because general residential security solutions hardly vary significantly for different end users or clients, we have decided to establish a service that sources directly from the World class manufacturers cutting out middleman, designs security systems inhouse the cost of which is shared by all our Security Kit clients making it minimal and ensures employment for a host of Installers/Integrators across the African continent by charging very reasonable installation fee or NONE.


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