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Powered with a rechargeable battery and connected by Wi-Fi, Cell Pro can be placed anywhere you want and the IP65 weatherproof design makes it easy to keep an eye on your home, inside or out, rain or shine.

We are yet to find a reliable way to transmit power wirelessly over long distances however so every six months or so, depending on the activity within a monitored area, you will need to dismount the camera and charge the battery.

If this is too much of a hassle you could however just mount this solar module a suitable area near the camera, plug its  cable into the cameras USB port and it will ensure the cameras battery is toped up when ever the sun is available.



When looking for a hassle free installation the Solar module is a great power source for outdoor and indoor cameras alike. there will just be a bit of drilling for indoor camera as the module will need to be outside. 



  • Max. Power: 3W±5% @4000lux
  • Output Voltage: 5.75±5%
  • Output Current: 0.5A±5%
  • Dimensions: 198x140x29mm (7.8x5.52x1.14inch)
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The Cell Pro add-on camera only works with an existing Cell Pro Base Station. Up to 6 of these cameras can be connected to one base station.

Powered with a rechargeable battery and connected via Wi-Fi, the IP 65 weatherproof camera can be placed anywhere making it easy to keep an eye on what matters come rain or shine. Adding a Solar module to any camera allows for a more hassle free installation.

The 1080P sensor and advanced Infrared algorithms provide crystal clear video both day and night. The cutting-edge H.265 compression reduces network bandwidth & storage space, and prolongs the battery life and the built-in PIR detector picks up a persons body heat, triggers an alarm, starts recording and sends you real-time notifications.


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