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$186.81 $292.95

Model: Kit-WA1001-300/2-B26EP

Imou Cell Pro Security Systems are 100% Wire-Free. 

The system consists of WiFi, rechargeable battery powered "Cell Pro" cameras which are IP65 rated and so can be placed anywhere around your property, come rain or shine. The batteries can last up to 6 months on a single charge but frequent activity in the covered area will reduce the battery life. 

The 1080P sensor and advanced IR algorithms produce crystal clear video both day and night and the cutting-edge H.265 compression reduces network bandwidth & storage space, PIR detection will ensure the camera only records when an object of body heat temperature moves in front of it  ensuring only relevant notifications are sent and the battery lifespan is lengthened

Footage can be stored on a local USB hard disk, on the cloud or on both. The cloud option is especially attractive when trying to prevent the theft of footage storage during for example a robbery.

A variety of optional extras are available. If you find the occasional removal of your cameras for charging to cumbersome, there is a solar panel designed especially for the Cell Pro camera that will ensure it remains charged. And Silicon covers (Camouflage, Black and white) will match the camera to your property for aesthetic purposes or in the case of camouflage, allow a tree mounted camera to blend in.

The Kits comes with a Base station plus two Cell Pro cameras. Where more cameras are needed, up to 6 cameras can be connected to the Base Station. 

$58.97 $71.99

The 4MP "Dome Lite" IP camera can be used to protect your home or business and targeted for use indoors and in sheltered areas . With 4MP QHD Resolution, cutting edge H.265 compression and 20m capable infrared LEDs the camera generates crystal clear video night or day and requires less storage space (There are three options. SD card, NVR or Cloud Storage) or network Bandwidth.

The unit has 2.4GHz Wi-Fi support even over long ranges but also allows for connection via Cat6 IP or data cables.

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